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    Fully compliant with HIPAA and ICD-10, the VBA system allows for us to offer superior service, and for clients to remain as informed and involved as they want.

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    VBA Software provides flexibility and functionality to the claim administration process using the latest in cloud-based technology.

    • Plan configuration to a great level of detail
    • Plan design, enrollment, medical referrals and authorizations, provider contracts, reinsurance, and billing
    • High rates of adjudication with rapid claim turnaround times
    • Self-service portal for all plan members
    • Reports and analytics on plan savings, error classifications and financial data
    • Full capability to provide EFT's and ERA's, as well as issue checks and EOB's
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Our expertise is supported by the leading edge software platform, Virtual Benefits Administrator (VBA).

Helping Us Help You

With the capabilities and freedom of the VBA software, the MediView team is able to provide key capabilities that help every business meet its unique operational needs.

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    Plan Design Freedom

    From self-insured ERISA plans to fully insured governmental plans, every business is unique and has its own specific needs. MediView ensures every plan is configured properly, every claim tracked accurately and all member and provider queries answered timely.

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    Access to Data

    Gain access to system generated reports, customized individually for each plan. Take advantage of a full reporting package that can be customized to answer any question and track any cost to find problems and point to solutions.

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    Customer Service

    MediView promises customer satisfaction by putting a focus on our clientele's unique needs and plan design. Staffed to maximize response time and backed by a full tech support team, our customer service representatives are prepared to accurately answer any question and resolve any complaint.

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    & Financial Services

    Our financial services department manages administrative functions for you, saving you time and trouble. We tailor specific services to meet each individual plan's needs.

    • Reporting
    • Check writing
    • Bank reconciliation
    • Real-time eligibility
    • Stop-loss claim filings
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    Full Information
    & Tech Support

    MediView is supported by its own in-house IT programming staff, prepared to resolve any technical issues. Enhance, modify or upgrade software and hardware applications as needed, and be assured that files are backed up with disaster recovery systems set in place.

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    Medical Management

    Our medical management staff is fully integrated with the administrative process. MediView's team of physicians and nurses have a wealth of experience in managing and monitoring health care.

    • Utilization management, case management and disease management provided for all clients
    • Staff interactions with providers, members and patients are fully documented in the VBA system, ensuring proper claim payment
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    Worry-free, Seamless

    Finding the right plan is just the first step, MediView will test plan configuration and work with any related third-party vendor to make certain that benefits are available as promised.

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    eMD Access

    Take advantage of eMD Access, a 24/7 on-demand telemedicine service staffed by family doctors and pediatricians. Medical professionals are available for secure voice, chat and/or video consultations as needed. Full visit summaries are provided after every virtual encounter.

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    Population Health
    Management Program

    A successful population health program requires experience, technology, and proven systems. We can design and stand up a population health program that has a demonstrated history of savings. More and more companies are adopting value based contracting with provider organizations and MediView has experience to assist in developing programs for its clients.